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Davidson Dermatology offers the full array of industry-leading skin treatment options. We know you want to feel healthy and look your best, so we provide personalized cosmetic services to fit your needs:

The only laser system that features two wavelengths to treat the broadest range of vascular and pigmented lesions as well as perform skin rejuvenation. Treat red, blue, brown and purple lesions with more than 20 indications!

Coolview KTP (532) - With this laser hand piece, we focus on superficial vascular and benign pigmented lesions. This amazing laser can treat bruising, redness/rosacea, sun damage, leg veins, scarring and more!

Coolview Nd: YAG (1064) - Using this hand piece, we treat deep vascular and cutaneous lesions for all skin types. We love this laser and its ability to treat acne scarring, diffuse redness, fine lines and wrinkles, melasma, leg veins, and so much more!

Genesis V - Amazing results that stimulate collagen production to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scarring and perform overall skin tightening. This treatment is a lunch-time laser with no downtime, great results, and some find it extremely relaxing!

For more information, please call our office, or visit the Cutera website .

Our state-of-the art laser platform offers 4 modes of treatment

el ō s Plus SRA - brown spot and vascular lesion reduction

el ō s Plus Sublime - skin tightening

el ō s Plus Motif/LHR - hair removal

el ō s Plus Sublative - wrinkle reduction/acne scarring

For more information please call the office or visit the Syneron Candela website.


Neurotoxins - these agents temporarily erase frown lines (elevens), crow’s feet and (off-label ) forehead lines, marionette lines and platysmal bands (vertical neck lines).  They are the most popular cosmetic treatments available because they are quick, easy and affordable.

Botox Cosmetic Website and Brilliant Distinctions Website
Xeomin Aesthetic Website and Xeomin Aesthetic Xperience Program Website
Dysport USA Website and Aspire Rewards Website
"Newtox" Evolus Website

Fillers - these injectables are intended to restore youthfulness to the face and/or hands as well as enhance the beauty of the lips, cheeks and other areas.  With our skilled providers, you need not fear overtreatment or "too obvious" results.  We provide youthful, fresh rejuvenation without the telltale signs you’ve had a cosmetic procedure.  The minimization of discomfort is also prioritized, so we pre-treat with topical anesthetics and favor products that contain lidocaine whenever possible.  We also prescribe medications to keep you relaxed during your procedure if needed.

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Radiesse Website Sculptra Website

Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for submental fat or "double chin".

Kyb ella Website and Brilliant Distinctions Website

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